Thursday, February 18, 2010

What was I thinking?

Last week I was working across the state for Rhea Lana Inc. I love to train our new franchisees and so I was thrilled to be asked and thrilled to go for 3 days! When school was canceled the day I was leaving...and every TV station had a little winter weather warning map in the corner, I should've gotten a clue.

The truth is, I decided to leave at noon instead of my original plan of 4PM. The snow was beautiful! I was sure I was ahead of the biggest part of the storm. I am so thankful for cell phones as Richard and I started communicating about 45 minutes into my trip...

Evidentally the storm that was behind me had skipped our town and gone over us! I drove right into some VERY HEAVY SNOW. I do not panic at weather easily...know why? I'm usually inside! So all of the sudden, I'm driving into a WALL of snow. The interstate is one lane, and I've had to pull over and put my XTerra in 4 wheel drive. I'm thinking..."Why did my husband let me out in this?"

My neck muscles are bunched up and I look like I have shoulder pads on. I'm wishing I was driving to the chiropractor!

I got on the phone with the ladies I was meeting and we ended up stopping in Conway. You know you're in a storm when Chick Fil A closes it's doors at 2:15 and sends its folks home, while you're in the parking lot!

We spent the night in Conway, trained into the late night hours, and about 2:00 the next day I got on the road to go another 2 hours East. The roads were clear but the heavy snow remained. The fields were so bright covered with white!

It was a wonderful weekend and I met 5 ladies I really liked: new franchisees from South Tulsa, North Atlanta and El Dorado.

Driving home two days later: East Arkansas rice silos, trains and snow!

Moral of the story...stay inside when it snows. Never be without hot chocolate and always be thankful.

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