Thursday, March 11, 2010

quote of the day

"Faith unchallenged is faith unchanged"

I saw this on a church sign recently.

Last Sunday morning during the Bible Study hour I sat with a friend in the hospital who is losing her fight with cancer. She's been given about 2 weeks. We were quiet. Talked just a little. I sang her favorite hymn to her. It was sobering. It was precious.

When I went to church I ran into a new friend who has a 4 week old baby. I had talked to her a little last week at our sale and they are having a hard time with their baby, a lot of crying and not a lot of sleep for anyone.

We sit in front of them in service so I asked if the baby fussed if I could take her out instead of one of them missing the sermon. She lasted about 15 minutes and then I was surprised, but they let me have her! I held this little precious baby out in the hallway for almost 30 minutes. She has this huge shock of hair on her head that stands straight up, she has blue eyes and loves to look at you while sucking the life out of her paci. It was precious.

Faith is knowing that God has everything in control, no matter what.

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