Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break at Mission Arlington

I never think I want to go to Mission Arlington. It's not the mission, I love the mission. I just can't think about sleeping on the floor for 4 nights and using a community bathroom and showers and get excited. I always am glad when I get there.

Comfort is not in the Bible anywhere, serving is.

The first time we took our big kids was 2000. Erin turned 3 the day we were leaving. This is our third year going with our kids actually in the student group.

Sheridan plows along with everything, eating sack lunches, moving food from storage to pantry, cleaning at apartment complexes, inviting kids to Bible clubs, singing and playing at the backyard Bible clubs...she's there!

Here's Lauren...we were down in a basement sorting about 45 boxes of food for pantry and storage...found something we all liked and took a little pic!

This was Erin's first year as an actual "youth" and she led music at our apartment complex each day. The kids loved her because she acts just like them. It was precious for me to watch her in this setting.

One day we moved furniture for a family from one apartment to another. The man was in a wheelchair and they didn't have any transportation. We showed up, lifted and loaded and in about an hour they were moved.

Mary, the wife, looked a little shaken when our 20 students were finished. As I was leaving I asked her if her tears were happy ones or overwhelmed ones. She said both, and then added, "We didn't know how we were going to get over here." We prayed together before I left.
We were the ones who were blessed.

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