Thursday, April 1, 2010

The right things

There are moments weekly when I question if my parenting is glorifying God in any way! There are so many opportunities I have missed! There are so many areas I have been lazy! There are so many times I'm not as consistent as I should be. I've let the world in our home so much lately and we needed the week away during Spring Break to get us all focused on what is right.

Last week while at Mission Arlington Sheridan and I had a lot of Mom/Sheridan time. One evening I told her we were just going to read our Bible in our room because the big kids were cleaning up from the day (mostly running around and being loud) and we needed to start settling down so we could go to sleep as soon as it was quiet.

That was the beginning of a week of reading! She picked up her Bible every morning and evening and wanted to keep reading and finding passages that she had learned in AWANA! Oh, for the sweet moments when what is real and true and pure is right.

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