Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've replenished the kitchen with food, washed and folded clothes, mowed the yard and even scooped poop. Yeah, it's back to normal.

It's crazy to think that I was sitting on Waikiki beach two mornings ago and riding mopeds around Oahu. This last week was so wonderful and one of the best trips of my life. Not only was the weather beautiful, but the quality time with Richard was awesome too!

The days of our vacation were long but we weren't ever rushed or on a schedule.

On Friday morning we went to a place called Turtle Bay to see large sea turtles and then enjoyed a less tourist-filled beach on the North Shore.

The sand was like sesame seeds (not dirty and sticky but smooth and shiny) Richard bought a simple snorkel set and he explored the reef in that area.

On Saturday morning we climbed up Diamond Head which is one of the outer rims of an extinct volcano which was also a military base years ago. It was hot and steep but we made it to the top where the view was worth every drop of sweat!

The climb up Diamond Head is steep. There are two stairwells and a tunnel at the top.

That afternoon we rented mopeds and drove around the island for about 3 hours laughing all the way! (except for my little spill)

A break from scooters at a harbor in Honolulu.

As far as work goes, we had a wonderful time meeting moms at Rhea Lana's of Hawaii. The ladies we worked with were so sweet and really ready to learn what we knew about the business. I wrote about it on Rhea Lana's blog here.


KathyH said...

I was in Hawaii in '92 with my sister and cousins, and we stayed on the North Shore. My sister and I walked to Turtle Bay and ate a $30 Sunday breakfast buffet at the restaurant that juts out over the water.I'm glad you and Richard got to do that.

Richard said...

I loved every minute (on the ground) with you and I've never been more in love! Thank you for being my best friend!