Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Island Images

The scenery in Hawaii provoked us to take lots of pictures. I want to record them here but I won't get to them all in one or two posts.

On our first full day on Oahu our host drove us around the outer edge of most of the island. He took us to some hot spots but there wasn't a stretch of space where there wasn't something beautiful to look at.

Here one of several shrimp stops on the east coast. We waited in line and then almost 30 minutes for this meal. It was delicious. Busses were stopping here, locals were waiting, it was a happening place!

We stopped at a lesser known beach that had 3 people on it in the middle of the day. The flowering plants along the walkway had us captured and then...we got to the water.

Oh my!

We stopped at a huge lookout at a huge blow hole on the coast. As the waves come in on the sharp black rock the water sprays through a hole worn out in the rock. We could see another island in the distance and the view and sound of the waves was breathtaking.

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