Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week without Teens

Sheridan, Flat Stanley and Alli at a Veggie Tales premier!

It's been a long week. The first three days flew by...but now the silence is just too much. Sheridan and I have worked hard to stay busy and I'd say we accomplished a lot...but the days are long without adults to talk to for me, and without brother and sisters to play/wrestle with for her. I sense a little melancholy with me, pardon the reflective comments.

On Wednesday we had Sheridan's buddy Anna Grace over. They swam and swam and played games inside too. They had lunch al fresco! That night our church showed the preview of the new Veggie Tales movie SweetPea Beauty. The message of the movie was wonderful but as in the past, I've always thought the humor and possibly the point went right over a kid's head. It was very funny and we loved the popcorn too! Flat Stanley was there!

On Thursday Sheridan and I spent the morning cleaning and cooking! No kidding, we made chocolate chip cookies, chicken salad, spinach dip and a fruit and cheese plate for two precious college girls who spent the afternoon here. I'm so glad to share our cool pool with them as summer college life is a little quiet at the Ozarks. They also brought their laundry and it brought me straight back to the basement in my dorm and later the house I lived in. I was glad to share our things with them. We fed them and let them chill out in the pool for most of the afternoon. Sheridan played with them for about an hour and I tackled a project I'd been wanting to do for awhile.

I think Ryan will be surprised...

I actually did two paintings on Thursday but I don't have good pics of the other. Sheridan watched me paint every stroke of the other. I may have her post about it.

On Friday (yesterday) we had over Indy. They swam, of course, ate a picnic lunch outside and enjoyed "camping" in a tent we set up in Sheridan's room.I re-read an entire Dee Henderson book, mowed the back yard, vacuumed the pool, called my mom, and watched three unnecessary episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress."

Sheridan suggested making cookies, as we had sent the remainder home with the college girls the day before. So much for watching the sweets...mainly I just watched them from my hand to my mouth! The girls were so cute working on these cookies. I think the food channel is rubbing off on Sheridan. Maybe she'll take over all the cooking when the big kids are gone in a couple of years!!

Today the rest of our family is headed back home. I need to hug their necks. I need to listen to them tell stories from camp and laugh about jokes only they will get. I'll do their laundry and plan some meals and be thankful.

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Jaime said...

Wow- I'm so impressed with your taping skills!

Looks like you and Sheridan have had a great week together. :)