Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last hours of summer

This is probably the last time Ryan will ask me to write on his school books for him. We've had a long day together starting with visiting the chiropractor together! His hip was messed up, my neck is killing me before my event.

Next we went over to the hospital where our friend had delivered a little "Ryan" at 5:30 this morning. We're very close with the family, so we BOTH got to hold this little miracle. Ahhh.

Next a trip to WM...not so much fun, but necessary. Following my FORGETFUL streak, we forgot to fill up the car with gas and had to make another stop on the way home.

Lunch with the WHOLE FAMILY, replaying our favorite summer memories. Ryan tries to get on my good side and say that working on Rhea Lana clothes was on the top of his list.

Later I meet him at the doctor office where he gets a cyst taken off of his back. I told him we'd do it this summer, and we did. Eleventh hour kind of.

Tonight we bond over the notebooks and my capital letter skills.

He may grow up but he'll always be my little boy.

Ah. Junior year, here WE come.

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Stephanie said...

How sweet! It sounds like you guys had a good last day of summer. :)