Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Game Shots

For Ryan's 11th or 12th birthday we painted ARKANSAS end zones in our front yard. He invited his friends over and they played football in unseasonably comfortable January weather. My son has ALWAYS wanted to play football. can imagine the excitement when the first game of his junior year was in Razorback stadium! There aren't many highlights of the game but the entire experience was awesome for our families, our team and our community.

His goal was to score the first touchdown in Razorback stadium for the year. (the razorbacks didn't play their home opener until two days later) He actually scored the first touchdown for us in Razorback stadium. Our team was out-played by a strong Charleston team and so the scoreboard wasn't in our favor any of the game.

For Lauren and the Panther Band...Halftime is Game Time!

3rd quarter visit with the NWA cousins!

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