Monday, September 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

It's busy ball season and Tuesday night, while Erin was in Atkins playing volleyball...and after Lauren's soccer practice in Russellville...after the Ryan's football scrimmage/jamboree in Dardanelle, we stopped for a bite to eat on the way home.

Sheridan gets pretty much the same thing each time we stop at America's Favorite Drive in, but she was feeling a little crazy to be at Sonic, ordering dinner after 8:30 and her bedtime. That's when she said..."I'll take a vanilla coke and some of those little chicken balls."

Seems silly to repeat it now...but it cracked us all up. She meant popcorn chicken, but just couldn't find the words. We must've all been a little crazy, because we laughed about it until our order was delivered.

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