Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let the season begin

Technically, the season began about 2 months ago when I started pricing things for people and the clothes and toys took over our garage, living room and bedroom. However, after dropping the kids off at school on Thursday was off to the races for me.

Move in was Friday morning for our 5th event in Russellville. The numbers had been climbing during the last 48 hours to enter items...and even though my homemade check off chart stopped at 30,000 items...consignors entered 33, 785 items into our sale! OH MY! Where were we going top put it all? It did fit, but it was tight.

Our sale was a success, consignors were happy with their checks, shoppers were happy with their purchases..I made new friends. I thank God for the chance to give things away to ministries who can use them for the people who need things. I give all the credit to Him for bringing consignors and shoppers to our event...and the wonderful volunteers who help me pull it all off smoothly.

God is good...all the time.

2 weeks until Broken Arrow.

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