Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today is the first day of Panther Football season. Just a note, I'm totally choked up when I think about Ryan getting to play football. It's all he wanted to do when he was a little boy and I think every birthday party had a football theme.

Tonight he gets the exciting chance to play in RAZORBACK STADIUM! Our school was picked to play in a PreSeason match with our first opponent in Fayetteville. Needless to say, but we've been counting down the days. His goal is to score the first touchdown in Razorback stadium. That's not a huge stretch...he could do it.

Praying for peace and health. Safety for all those traveling to the game.

From Facing the Giants: We will praise God if we win, and we will praise God if we lose.


Maranda said...

We had my Ryan's newborn pics done this morning and Stephen brought a football jersey for some pics to be done in...when he got home, he had #45 and I told him I wanted #12...just for big Ryan. There was no time to switch them before the photographer got here, but in my mind the jersey will be #12! I love that he shares a name with such a Godly young man!

Sarah and Dave said...

Good luck, Ryan! Have a great time!!

Stephanie said...

How exciting! How did the game go? I love how they all matched and had their brother's number on their back. :)