Saturday, September 4, 2010

A little bit of everything...

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I do so envy the part of Erin that will try ANYTHING without any fear. This summer she was insistent that she wanted to play Junior High volleyball. Where this sudden longing came from, we do not know. We just arranged to get her to and from practices.

She loves it. I've yet to see her compete but this week we will make one of the games. I'll cheer on my girl who will try a little bit of everything and have FUN doing it all!

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Stephanie said...

She's so pretty! I bet she just loves volleyball! I know what you mean about being proud of your fearless daughter. I get butterflies everytime my little 8 year old daughter is flying over fences on her pony, but I'm also so impressed with her adventurous spirit. :) I hope your girl has a great game!