Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another post about FALL

I'm not going to be a professional's obvious. Yesterday afternoon I looked out and although it had been cloudy ALL DAY, there was this late afternoon sun shining right on this tree! Richard planted 5 trees in our yard two years ago. This is "mine," it's right outside our bedroom window. They are sweet maples and the colors are so beautiful.

Erin's tree is georgeous, and the biggest, as it is planted directly behind the pool. Lauren's is shadowed a little bit by the neighbor's trees and so is not as full, but definitely beautiful.

Sheridan's tree is still completely green as it is protected between our garage and the neighbor's house.

Ryan's tree is just thankful to be still standing. It is between our house and Trey's house. I can't tell you how many times those boys ran into that little seedling tree when we first planted it. We almost wrapped it in glow-in-the-dark tape, but we didn't, and we're thankful it survived the first years. It's almost lost all it's leaves, not sure if someone ran into it, or if they were blown of in the last rain shower.

It's very cool outside, I've got the windows open and I'm drinking hot tea.
Just a side note: I've got to go attack the paper in our house. I asked Richard one time if he thought I'd ever be on HOARDERS, he said, "Not unless they change it to PILERS." I do have a lot of piles. I'm going to go make a dent in it right now!

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