Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas with family - part 1

We did something this Christmas we've never done...we planned a Christmas trip, leaving the state on the 26th. We planned to meet our dear friends, also with 4 children, at their family's home in Wolf Creek, CO, and let our kids experience the slopes for the first time. SO, our private family tree time was different as there weren't any presents....until the last 12 hours. We couldn't resist the anticipation, and the excitement of putting presents under the tree right before bed on Wednesday.

We opened our stockings...filled with love notes from each member of the family, and then we opened the surprise gifts. Ryan also gave me a gift that made us all chuckle.

I can't wait to compose the collections of the love notes from the past 10 years. Notes that used to say things like "i love you mom. you are cool." Now say the most poignant things from my teenagers. Where the coloring used to be the highlight of the note, now the words are so precious to both Richard and I. Love notes erase all bad feelings, regrets from arguments over the year and personality conflicts.Words are free and yet we seldom take the time to tell those closest to us how we feel about them. To hear the brother and sisters letters to one's something I hope they don't ever forget. DEFINITELY: my favorite thing we do all year.

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