Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas with family - part 2

Christmas Eve brought Richard's family to Clarksville. We're so happy to host the fun bunch we call relatives for the second year. We decided to stray from a traditional meal and host a FAMILY FIESTA! Yeah, it took us a week to come up with a fun name...and we started preparing Mexican food for 18! We had a friend make us tamales (mmmmmm!), I made sour cream chicken enchiladas, salsa, corn dip, and fajita chicken. We munched on chips & cheese dip and covered our plates! It was fun to fix and eat! We also had red velvet cupcakes to celebrate Jesus' birthday as well as lots of different candies, cookies and covered pretzel rods!

I didn't get nearly enough good pics of the adults...seems like everytime Annelise (the youngest of the group) was being held, the camera was pointed her way. She's certainly a cutie!

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