Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I heart Christmas

A couple of years ago I started decorating for Christmas with things I love. I simply don't get out all of the rest. I have received a lot of Christmas decor as gifts over the years and I like it all, but I didn't love having it all out (and putting it all up). I have enjoyed the few things we have out each year much more than filling every available table top with decorations. It's pretty free-ing to not have everything out!

This year I replaced our door wreath with the one I made above.

I bought a small tree at a consignment shop for $8.50 and put all my snowman decorations on it. I had a huge snowman fettish a couple years ago, and they were really popular the next year. I received a lot of REALLY CUTE ornaments and such. It's kind of fun to put them all together this year. The tree has red lights and is right by the front door. I think it is so cute.

These are two of my favorite snowman decorations. The first one's sign says, "I Do." They have little to do with Christmas but a lot do do with FAMILY. If you didn't know it, the NOSE makes a good snowman. The cutest snomen have the best noses.

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