Saturday, December 11, 2010


I can't remember a busier week than the one we've had. I've driven many, many trips between our house and the schools, I've taught school two full days, Sheridan had drama practice on Tuesday, Lauren went to soccer practice twice this week and band practice once after school. Erin had a quiz bowl meet on Monday and practice on Wednesday after school. Ryan put in over 10 extra hours this week working on the Madrigal Dinner. School was also in session with end of semester PreCal, Chemistry and Geometry tests being studied for long after most of the family went to bed. Erin job shadowed on Thursday for her Career Orientation class.

Several times this week I've said, "It's our life, and I love it." I mean that. Sunday: Band concert. Erin, junior high band, 2nd year flute.
Lauren, high school band, 4th year trumpet.

Tuesday: Choir concert, Erin, junior high womens select choir. Christmas music.

Friday: Madrigal Dinner, Ryan, junior member of the chamber choir. They have rehearsed for months on music and drama. It was such a great event. Dinner, music, and entertainment. It was wonderful and I think it's great that Ryan put on his Gaston costume and did his best here as well as any Friday night on the football field.

Saturday morning: Swim meet in Russellville. Lauren, 2nd year high school swimmer. This was the second meet of the week. On Thursday Lauren swam in Springdale.

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