Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleaning House

It's amazing what you find when you clean! Ryan's closet was last organized around 2005. It's pretty full. The last time we sorted he was 12 and I talked him through letting go of the yogurt lid collection, the collection of Sonic toys and other pieces of toys that were long gone. He's a collector, enough said. We had an unexpected snow day today and I talked him into giving me some time to get through the closet.

The first four things I pulled out were a pair of crutches, a plastic tub of hats, three loose ticket stubs from Razorback games, and a box of marbles. Two and a half hours later I was craving a Sonic coke (the real thing) but didn't dare leave the house. I did leave the room, and now three hours later Ryan is still sorting through items he has discovered!

We exchanged high fives when he took out the first bag of trash, it's such a sign of accomplishment. We didn't even fuss over culling out the t-shirt drawer! It's a great day to see the floor of the closet.

Family time. Ahh.

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