Friday, March 11, 2011

Baseball/Soccer/Track = Thursday

Rich and I went to Tulsa/BA for a quick trip on Thursday. He had a meeting and I was handing out marketing materials to moms who want to know more about my event. We were on a bit of a tight schedule as we were both headed opposite directions to watch our kids play ball. Erin was out of town at a track meet, she has injured her knee, so was not running, just cheering.

I had soccer duty in Clarksville, and I needed to pick Sheridan up from a friend before the game. Game time was 5:00. Richard was on baseball duty and they were scheduled to play in Subiaco (30 min away), and the game was to start at 4:30. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, Subi's baseball field was under water so we got to watch both games...from the visitor's stands at our football field! This only happened once last season.

We can sit on the top row and see both the baseball field and the football/soccer field. Woo hoo! Small town living at it's best!

Both teams won! Lauren scored 2 goals and assisted with another! Final was 5-0. Ryan pitched the last three innings and got us a win in a tight game, 9-8.

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