Friday, March 11, 2011

Sale #6

Blessed. It's the only way to describe all my crazy feelings during and after this 6th event in Russellville. You'd think I'd be nervous because we had less items, but no, the item quality was better. The location was new, but FABULOUS, and the shoppers never stopped coming!

Lauren and Ryan both put in a 10+ hour day on Saturday, driving all over town trying to buy me 6 foot tables (of which there are none in Rsvl), printing labels, checking in folks, checking out folks, and moving inventory at my command. They are learning some important skills of working with people, especially the grouchy ones (of which we have a few). I'm thankful they came, I would've loved to have them there all week.

Mom and Dad drove down on Monday afternoon just to hug my neck and see my new space. Of course, after about 10 minutes I had my mom running next door for ink pens and my dad stuffing a late entry in my 500 goody bags. I love my parents, they have been huge supporters during the development of my sale. I think I called my mom almost every morning on my way to the sale to give her updates. The time was right when she was getting ready to go to work, but she listened to me and took my prayer requests everytime! Blessed indeed.

The light was SUPER in our new location, the one big room looked so much bigger too. We had a lot of walk-by traffic from the grocery store next door. One day when I went to buy ice for our cooler, one of the managers at the grocery store told me because the parking lot was so full, they were having shoppers who though we were in a "snow scare!" I was glad we had several ladies in the store who knew what was going on (and would explain) and are now our fans.

Three weeks until Broken Arrow! God is good, all the time.

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