Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally Friday

I wouldn't have changed a thing about this last week. (OK, I would've loved to have dropped 20 pounds) My big kids were doing what was best for them, Richard was working (three jobs, at last count) and Sheridan and I kept busy accomplishing much, laughing a lot and traveling a little. We watched a movie, played with friends, finished our puzzle, read books, played kickball at the church (with Trey) on Wednesday, made a day trip to BA on Thursday. It's been good one on one time and although it wasn't our first choice (we both would've loved Disney) it was a week that was good for both of us.

The kids are on their way home now, Ryan's first text to me was "Moooooommmm!" They haven't had their phones all week, and it made me smile! Coming up this week he has 4 baseball games, he is head of the Prom (being the Jr Class president and all) and of course, school. It's like BACK TO REALITY when his feet hit the ground.

I've got a calendar full for next week too, including one (maybe two) days out of town, final prep for BA, loading equipment for BA, and moving in to BA on Friday. After PROM pictures and a good night sleep on Saturday I'm off to BA for 9 days. I will not wish this next week away.

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