Monday, April 11, 2011

Say cheese!

We were all excited that Emily was coming to Clarksville for PROM! Emily was a great date for this very special event! Heidi brought her down for the evening, we picked them up at their motel, took the first set of pictures, and then headed off to two more photo venues.

I am so thankful for Ryan's group of good friends. They're all pictured here, the girls are seniors, and they "adopted" Ryan and Trey into their group of friends throughout the year and on this special night. Ryan and Emily, Connor and Hannah, Aaron and Katie, Zack and Lindsey, Trey and Hailey, Tyler and Madison.

Ryan couldn't resist holding the other Ryan on this momentous occasion.

The entire community seems to roll out to the beautiful college campus in town to take pictures. With all those folks, there's someone in the back of all the pictures. We waited our turn to have pics in front of the chapel. It is fun for the parents to see all the kids dressed up before they go to the dance too.

Suede's been around forever, and I never noticed how much bigger he is than Ryan.

I love this preview of the Banning's back yard. Heidi and I went over and helped set up a little bit before the kids got there. Someone else did the cooking and we just did simple decorating to make it look special. The kids came over after prom (around 9:30) ate a great dinner (served by the dads), complete with personalized cakes, and then went on a scavenger hunt until the early morning hours. I was in bed, not able to stay up for the duration as I was headed to Broken Arrow in the morning for my 9 day week there. The night was a success.

It's a good thing when you can go to bed, knowing your child is out all night in your car, with their friends.

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