Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

I almost always have a post with this title, and it usually refers to the 2 birthdays in our immediate family, a seasonal business that happens around this time, Spring Break trips and general spring sports overload. This time, I'm sticking with the original intent and I want to go public to say I love picking the bracket in the NCAA tournament! I don't study it, I just go with my first thoughts and limited and trivial sports tidbits I know. I typically pull for SEC teams, hardly ever for Texas, and I love the underdogs.

My bracket is looking pretty good right now, even though there was a huge upset just now in the West. Of course, it's more fun to cheer for the HOGS, but we're in a slump during this decade so I had to pick someone else to follow. For the last few years I've been pulling for GONZAGA. (It's fun to say, OK?) They lost in round 3, but I did pick them for their first win, even though it was an upset. I'll keep my eye on the other Cinderella teams...there's a few wanting to win it bad, and who doesn't love a Cinderella story!

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