Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strange Spring Break

For the last 4 years we've gone as a family with our youth group to work at Mission Arlington. Although it's a rough week of work, and less than great accomodations, it's always a highlight of our year. Because of work obligations and my BA sale coming up in two weeks, Richard and I had to stay home this year. My big kids are there, I'm sure having a great time serving and will come back with wonderful stories, but Sheridan had to stay home. She was frustrated about that, because she loves to go!

I've been keeping her busy for the last 36 hours without her brother and sisters....

Yesterday she had her first cavity filled, went to Sonic for ice cream after that, had lunch at Subway, took our recycling to the drop off, and started a pot holder project. In the afternoon, Sheridan cleaned off her desk and found treasures, including a chapter book she stopped to read, and we started a 1000 piece puzzle last night.

Today we had breakfast with our dear friends in Russellville and they treated her to a candy stick, and before my hair appointment we bought her a cute pair of sandals and a new swimsuit! While I had my hair cut she watched part of a movie at the hair salon. Right now, a neighbor friend is over here giggling with her on the trampoline. Ahhh.

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