Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School

I drove in town last night at exactly 8:20pm, right on time to put Sheridan in bed. I surpirsed her because I love hearing her squeal. Six days is a long time without your mom when you're 8. Long time for me too.

We were all up early this morning and I fixed French Toast. I only cook breakfast about once a week, so it was a good start to the year by those standards. It took no less than 35 minutes to get Sheridan to school today, usually a 12 minute trip. I didn't even walk her in! Ryan, Lauren and Erin go to the High School together because Erin's 1st hour drama class is there. Today Lauren rode with Lexi, but what a treat for me that I only take one to school!

I love my kids. Sometimes I just want to pull them all out of school and study the Bible with them, and take trips, and protect them from the world. However, it's not my calling now and although I am working to insulate them from the world, it's not wise at all for me to isolate them. I pray everyday for them to make wise decisions, to respect those around them and to not miss opportunities to do God's work. I know they'll make lots of mistakes and I hope they know they can come to us with every one of them.

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