Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sno-Cone Syrup and Rubber Chickens

I love my church and I volunteered to head up one of our big events at the end of the month. When Becky married and moved, she left a big hole in our ministry staff. She worked un-told hours all year long and took care of ALL the little things that make big events BIG.

I like organizing, and it hasn't been a huge challenge for me but the unsaid pressure to pull it off as well as she always did is nagging at me. As I look outside at the rain today I realize I have no rain plan. I also can't find the slingshot to shoot the rubber chickens. The replacement ducks for the duck pond were shipped today and I'm hoping they make it. AND, I must remember to pick up the sno-cone juice today because they're closed tomorrow! 

Our church family typically shines at these community events, and so I'll assume that just because very few of the adults signed up to work at the event, they will all be there and make the event a success.  Our goal: for all our visitors feel welcome so they can love THE CHURCH too.

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