Thursday, October 27, 2011

OFF-SEASON project

When I'm in the middle of my event season, travelling, working on my computer, answering the phone and wishing for a little down time I imagine myself with nothing to do but work on little projects. Few of these ideas will ever come to fruition, but this last month I've been using my afternoons to put together an awesome idea for my family. My original idea was for a Christmas surprise, but it's just too big to keep a secret.

Over the last few years all the outgrown t-shirts and clothing have ended up in my room. What isn't re-sellable at our events, passed down to friends, or any t-shirt that is connected to a big memory I've kept. When the pile got big, I would cut the designs out. The pile of pieces totals around 100 and I've recently made a quilt from it!

A dear friend loaned me her 50-year-old Singer sewing machine! It works like a charm and it weighs about 50 pounds too!

I will have to hire someone to actually quilt/back it, and also someone else to bind it...but I'm pretty tickled with the treasure we'll have when it's all done!

Each piece has a specific memory from DBack baseball, swim team, VBS, our honeymoon (!), and student coucil name a few! We have been blessed beyond measure to have so many WONDERFUL experiences in our first 19 years!

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