Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All Region Choir

Couldn't be more proud of my kiddos and their accomplishments in choir. SO thankful for a teacher who encourages them to do their best and has trained them well. Erin placed 3rd chair in Junior High Mixed Choir, Alto 2. Ryan placed 2nd chair, High School Mixed Choir, Bass 1. I must add that he tried out on the Saturday morning after a particularly hard football game that we lost. He had been beat up pretty bad, had a swollen ankle and was limping around! SO, under the influence of lots of ibuprophen, he made 2nd chair out of about 160 guys! It was my first trip to EVER chaperone to hang out with kids all day waiting for them to try out. (On a side note, I was able to take the "early" bus home and took someone I didn't record on the offical list, and subsequently failed at my chaperoning job.)

The ALL REGION clinic was Saturday and the concerts were that evening. I don't mind saying we questioned the Arkansas Patriotism (or something) because the concerts were scheduled RIGHTINTHEMIDDLEOF the Razorback game in Fayetteville. And we weren't playing a directional school, we were playing another TOP TEN team! With our iphones in hand and ESPN scoring updates muted...our entire family was in attendance at the Alma Performing Arts building and loved the concerts.
They were very impressive...Ryan, Erin and the HOGS.

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