Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SENIOR FOOTBALL: Game 7 at home, vs. Waldron

HIGHLIGHT #1: Family! Dave and Rhea Lana from Conway. Ashley and cousins Titus, Audra, Justus, and Annaliese from NWA. Mimi and Gramps from Heber. Grandma and Grandpa from Mtn Home. ALL here to celebrate Ryan's Senior Night.


 HIGHLIGHT #2: Walking with the family across the field celebrating Ryan's year.

HIGHLIGHT #3: Ryan's group of senior boys are so special to us. Several of them have grown up with us playing baseball, going to church, and playing in our yard! They wore orange tape to honor Tyler D who passed away over a year ago but would've been a senior this year.

HIGHLIGHT #4: Winning the game and securing a home playoff game next week.

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