Thursday, December 22, 2011

December ?

I'm totally messed up about what date it is today....we're celebrating Christmas early at home...and traveling on the 23rd...and skiing the 24-28...

I'm discovering Christmas has nothing to do with the date and everything to do with being with people we love, celebrating a Jesus we serve. We opened presents early and nothing earth shattering took seems I've been a little uptight with traditions.

 I made the kids a little crazy by not labeling the gifts under the tree. It's not easy to pull anything on them so I was pretty proud of myself. I actually had indicated the recipient by the color ribbon on the gift. And yeah, I messed up once  twice! There were little snowmen labels hung on the back of the tree with their names and hung by the color ribbon their presents were wrapped in. A little thing, but it was fun for me!

Ryan shopped for gifts this year...surprising the girls with a SUPERSIZE box of chocolates. It was a hit.

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