Monday, December 19, 2011

The Week Before Christmas

This whole week (of Christmas) has kind of snuck up on us. Ryan got out of school last Monday, Lauren was done on Tuesday...and we've been running ever since. On Wednesday Ryan and I went to Fayetteville for a college interview, I had a LCBS party on Thursday night, and went to MH to help mom on Friday and Saturday. Richard worked out of town three days last week and Ryan went to Sheridan's Christmas party at school. I'm glad I don't save shopping until the last minute as a nasty cold/sinus infection has got me down today and I've done almost nothing but cough today.

I should be getting things packed for our trip, but making lists for everyone to check off is as far as I've gotten on that. We leave Wednesday for MH and will have Christmas with my family in the evening on Wed, and dinner with my brother's family and our parents on Thursday. Friday morning we will head north to Wisconsin (a 13 hour trip). We will meet all of Richard's family and celebrate Dick and Leah's 50th anniversary by spending Christmas together at a lodge on Cascade Mountain.

This unusual schedule will mean we will open family gifts here tomorrow! Richard is out of town with work again today, but he'll be off for a week and a half beginning tomorrow. His new job is requiring a lot of days out of town. The family is looking forward to going on our trip...but I wish we had at least a few more days to hang out at home together.

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