Thursday, December 1, 2011


I just finished Longing, by Karen Kingsbury. It's third in a series about a young girl named Bailey who is finding her way after college through relationships, family, her past, and her future. I can't decide if I'm more inspired to raise my children to be LONGING for the Lord or more guilt-ridden because I don't LONG for Him enough myself. I'm positive KK's purpose would be for me to be to improve in both areas. I am aware that these stories are fiction, however a true, abiding relationship with the Lord is not. Today I purpose to be intentional about stretching my faith, filling myself with Him before I seek other things, and praying for my children to LONG for the love of the Lord more than anything else in their lives.

*There is a part of me that has always wanted to be a writer. To put on paper what circles around in my head. Not my own thoughts, but those the Lord gives me in times when it could only be Him. KK is one of the best real-life authors out there and I'm so thankful for these books to be out there in the mainstream bookstores to inspire many to want the love of the Lord.

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