Wednesday, February 8, 2012

College Visit

I did not take pictures of us on the campus tour, or talking to the lady in the financial aid office, or even in the honors college. The funniest moment of the day came in the cafeteria sitting in the middle of a packed room of college kids. Richard asked Ryan if he was more uncomfortable that he was new in the room, or if he was more uncomfortable sitting with his parents. While Ryan was trying to decide if he was going to be honest or kind, I mentioned that we could do a flash mob to make him more conspicuous. We laughed out loud and the tension was gone. We had a good day and really enjoyed spending the time together.

I didn't go to Princeton last September when Richard and Ryan visited there. (although I did get a t-shirt)  I also didn't go with Richard and Gramps when they took Ryan to baseball camp at Baylor. It was a totally new experience for me to go to ASU and ask "Mom questions" to my hearts content.

About college, I'm really excited for Ryan to be able to go and have a great college experience. He's a mature 18 year old, has a great work ethic and moral code and will be successful wherever he goes. However...I predict that when we take him to college and I walk away from him toward our car, I will cry.

We're waiting on a few scholarships to come through to make some final decisions. I'm a little ticked that U of A won't give him more money. Evidently, they don't want kids who are class presidents, are All State in both sports and choir, have a 4 point,  and have received multiple senior awards even before the year is over.
We didn't do the flash mob in the cafeteria, but I did take this picture.

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