Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mission Arlington

Last year Sheridan, Richard and I missed the Spring Break trip to Arlington because my Broken Arrow event was the following week, and Richard had missed too much work training for his new job. It was hard not being with our kids and serving in a place we love to serve.

This year Sheridan and I headed off with the girls. Ryan went with the high school choir on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to NYC and Richard had work on both weekends around the week. He surprised Erin on Wednesday for her birthday in Arlington. Had an interview in Irving on Thursday morning, and then hung out with us until Friday when Sheridan and I rode home with him. It was a great week. I loved the mix of college kids and jr high and high school students. We also stayed at a new location which was a fresh look for us all. One of Sheridan's friends came with her mom too and it was especially fun for the two 8 year olds to hang out with all the older kids and help in the apartment complexes with the families we were serving as well.

 Erin getting a Spanish lesson from our new friend Brittany.

Making sandwiches each morning...part of what makes the week glamorous.

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