Monday, October 15, 2012

Mr and Mrs Robert Hall

I'll admit it, I was a little jealous.  Not of having a daughter get married, or hosting a wedding...but of one of my children finding the RIGHT man of God to marry! We were so privileged to witness the wedding of Rebekah and Robert Hall! The night before was stormy but the wedding day was BEAUTIFUL! The venue was gorgeous! The dresses were fabulous! The food was yummy! The music was so fun!

The bride and groom appeared to be completely at peace and had the best dance party reception I have ever been to! What a wonderful thing for your friends to want to give a testimony of your dating relationship and your life! Both Rob and Bekah are going to be on staff full time with Student Mobilization. They've dated for one year in front of all their friends from school, sorority, church and work....and have given a strong witness to all those who watched their love grow. I'm praying for this very thing for each of my children. As the world gets darker, it sometimes seems there won't be one nice boy to marry my girls! Rob proved me wrong on this. So very blessed to witness this very special day!

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