Saturday, October 13, 2012

SWEET Anniversary

I am so blessed. I give God all the credit for the riches of my marriage and family. He has held us together through a miscarriage, moves, 4 children, a failed business, health challenges and the day to day issues we each face. I CANNOT believe that we have been married 20 years...I mean, not only does that make me sound old...I am! Richard and I have now spent more of our life together than apart. It's strange to think that and yet, so comforting to know I am loved by anyone on earth that much...on the good days, on the bad days, on the sad days...happy and the mad days.

Richard arranged every detail of a 20th anniversary trip to our honeymoon spot: Boston and Nantucket. We've just returned from a wonderful, restful, fabulous trip! No schedules (except for flights to and from), no watches, no plans...just fun together. I have A LOT of pictures and will make a special scrapbook for those, but I definitely want to post my favorites. Here are a few:

Downtown Boston, walking on crowded streets, going in and out of shops, watching a movie, drinking hot drinks and sitting in outside eating areas, watching people, finding our way around town and self guiding ourselves through the Freedom trail.

My first NFL game: Patriots vs. Broncos, Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. "A once in a lifetime opportunity," said my husband! Rain and crowds and no tickets...couldn't keep us away!

I've always wanted to go to Rhode Island! Here we toured one of the many summer mansions in Newport, The Elms. So peaceful and absolutely worth the drive!

Our second trip to the island of Nantucket. Our one goal was to see all 3 light houses. This is Sankaty Head. For the record, I touched it first. FYI: They had to move this light house because the shore was eroding. It took 10 days.

Great Point Lighthouse, we rented a jeep with beach permits, drove down a stretch of beach and uninhabited island on the Atlantic Ocean for 30 minutes (a huge adventure), and finally reached the point. The sky was clear the entire time we were there. FYI: The original Great Point Lighthouse burned to the ground, the second GPL was destroyed in a storm, and the current GPL was dedicated by one of the Kennedys.

Brant Point: Smallest lighthouse on the island, within walking distance in town. FYI:  On our first trip to Nantucket we bought a poster of this lighthouse and shipped it home. The framed poster has hung in our homes for 20 years as a reminder of our honeymoon trip.

These are my favorites. But there are MANY more to come. :)

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