Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bubble Bath Day?

I have to say, I'll be smiling the first time I get to take a bubble bath in this tub. For almost 16 years I've been getting ready and bathing in a very small bathroom. Now, it's not as small as the bathroom was in our first house here in Clarksville. When we moved in there I was pregnant and we had to change the sink out for a pedastal sink because I could HARDLY FIT THROUGH the door the bathroom was so small. That house was 50 years old when we moved into it too.

I am thankful for the things we have, and I try not to get carried away with things or outward appearances too much. I would never say I "deserved" something.  I'm grateful and thankful and excited about this new tub. I plan to use it and share it with my family...and, I'm hoping to find some new bubble bath under the tree for me.

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