Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Part 1: Home Sweet Home

I love Christmas tree lights, pretty wrapping paper, curly ribbon and sitting on the floor with the whole family. I love reading our Christmas love notes, watching the kids as they open surprises, and Christmas music in the background. We celebrate at home whenever we're all going to be together and this year it fell on a Saturday, December 22. It was lovely outside and a perfect day for the kids to try out their new mopeds. Richard gave me a Brighton "R" charm...He KNOWS I love letters, and my name. Sheridan got a new handheld game (possibly her first game not a hand me down). My favorite gift that I gave (and received) was a personalized binder filled with our love notes, Christmas pictures and Top Ten lists from the last 10 years. We think it's so funny that Sheridan can't believe we had pictures or Christmas before 2003. It's really bothering her...Lauren says, "You weren't born!" It's been a good exercise for us to realize that if/when we adopt, those children won't have the memories we have, their own ziplock full of personal ornaments, love note binders...or even stockings that match ours. We're thinking on all that, and it made us more thankful and more grounded than ever before.  


Made these on Friday night...on Saturday morning, someone was missing!

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