Saturday, August 14, 2010


This has been the hottest summer ever! Ok, not according to the official weather documents of the last 200 years, but definitely to all of us living now! The last three weeks have been continually in the the triple digits! I've never been so thankful (truly thankful) for the air conditioner in my house and car. I've always told my kids not to be the ones who grumble about the weather, but this has driven us to stay inside and fairly unactive.

Last week I was in Searcy working at a RL event. Unfortunately the metal building the sale was in just wasn't able to keep very much cool air inside. It was 82 degrees! My mom called me one day to tell me that Searcy was on the front page of the paper as the hottest spot in the state! The sale was fabulous and I had extreme gratitude for my cool motel room and my limited hours required at the actual event. The skinny girls were sweating too.

Last Wednesday our friend Tyler went down at his football practice with heat stroke. He was unresponsive and then sedated until they could stabilize him on the flight to Little Rock and Arkansas Children's Hospital. I had taken the girls out of town when Richard called to tell me he was on his way with Tyler's dad, and two of our other friends to the hospital. Today, four days later, Tyler is still sedated because his vital organs are not working properly. He has just started kidney dialysis for the second time although they seemed to be working earlier today, they aren't now.
It's sobering when a 16 year old is facing death and he doesn't even know it. His parents and brother are at the hospital processing all the information during many hours without any answers.

Tyler and his dad are here on the end of the second and third row. This picture is from 2006.

Richard baptized Tyler on the same day he baptized Erin. That was about 5 years ago now. Tyler was on Ryan's competitive baseball team from age 7 - 13. We've vacationed with this family all over the country.

Please pray for Tyler and his family, the doctors and our community as we face this uncertainty.

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