Tuesday, January 10, 2012


January 7th! Ryan's birthday present from Richard and I...a wonderful weekend with his dad at the biggest Razorback game of the year in Dallas! Friday morning....Richard and Ryan make it to the Big D via a stop in Stillwater, where Richard had a church job on Thursday night.

Not many people have tickets for sale in the early hours of the morning. Game time is 7pm, but they know that Arkansas fans will be coming in droves to get to the game and tickets will surely be available. Around noon they buy tickets and for some reason Richard has them checked out at the will call window and they confirm his idea that they are counterfeit! For the next two hours they give a complete description to security, give their phone number to the police, and look all over for the guys who sold the tickets. They appeared to have disappeared, even though one of the policemen recognized their description and had seen them before. Richard headed over to the WM across the street to get cash (they were running short, after losing $200) and on his way over, spotted the ticket sellers, who had changed clothes. Richard calls the security agents, Ryan goes over to get the closest policeman, and they surround the guys. The chance that they were going to get their money back was slim. Even if they caught the guys, they could always deny selling them tickets.

Well, evidently, with 5 security guys and one policeman present, Richard got in the seller's face, and asked for his money. After a few minutes of denial, the guy opened his wallet and gave him his money back! Ryan had described a cross necklace guy #2 had on, and he had it on under a t-shirt. Richard and Ryan left the bad guys with the security detail and headed to the car to settle down until closer to game time.

This is about the time I got their call and Ryan was feeling kind of like SUPERMAN! He was so excited after "taking down the bad guys" he told his dad..."We should buy some more and go after some more scammers!" This pretty much nailed down his desire to go for a FBI job.

Short story: One of his high school friends was working at an AT&T booth and offered Richard a FREE ticket and then they bought another single. Richard traded the single for something closer to the good ticket and Ryan and Richard sat one section from each other in a SOLD OUT ball game!
NOT ONLY THAT, but Richard was sitting beside a KState fan who was by himself and offered to change seats with Ryan so they could sit together. OH YEAH...on the 45 yard line in the club seats on the third level.

That wasn't even the BEST PART: The Hogs won 29-16!

A fabulous weekend for my two fabulous guys!

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