Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year at a Glance

(in no particular order)

Sheridan's baptism!!!
Changing jobs (twice)
Anniversary trip with the family to Dallas to watch HOGS vs Aggies
Sugar Bowl trip with Gramps and Ryan
Becky's wedding
Senior Night
Mom's RL events
Thanksgiving with the Boogaarts
Christmas with the Rogers
Kids Activities (coaching Sheridan's soccer, Erin's volleyball and Peppy, Lauren's trumpet solo and soccer, Ryan's All-State tri-fecta)

Believing God Bible study
Watching Ryan and Lauren at Senior high football games
Going to Hawaii for a second time
Lauren passing her drivers test
Erin being Peppy all year!
Sheridan's heart change
HOGS game in Dallas vs Texas A & M
Making the family quilt
Richard's new job
Becky's Wedding (singing and cake serving)

Sugar Bowl
Football/Baseball season
Mission Arlington
Summer Baseball
Falls Creek Summer Camp
College Trips to Princeton/Baylor
Watching the HOGS at Cowboys Stadium
Madrigal Feast
Trip to Wisconsin
All Region Band: 2nd band/7th chair
Kansas City: Band Trip
Mission Arlington/Falls Creek
Band Camp
Lock-in: Church of Christ
Razorback Game/Cowboys Stadium
Solo in Halftime Show
President's Cup w/Hurricanes/Panther soccer (All-Conference)
16th Birthday/getting my license
Falls Creek summer camp
Mission Arlington
All-Region Choir (3rd chair)
Swimming - Sea Dragons and CHS
Winter Jam
D-Now - Mission Impossible
Making the cheer squad
New friends : JJ, RG, SB, BV
Silver Dollar City
VBS: Pandamanaia! :)

When I accepted Christ
Silver Dollar City
Skiing in Wisconsin
Going to the Alma Water Park with LM, Lauren, and Dad this summer
Making things with Mom in the kitchen
My really nice teacher and friends
Quoting 'Taco Bano'
Dad baptizing me
Watching all my brother's and sister's ballgames and swim meets

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